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ePageWiz Software vs ePageWiz DRM

ePageWiz Software is an authoring tool that allows you to create ePublications. ePageWiz DRM is a Digital Rights Management system that allows you to protect and sell those ePublications.

What is ePageWiz Secure?

ePageWiz Secure allows Publishers and Authors, to secure digital publications such as eMagazines, eBooks, eCourses, Corporate Publications and just about any ePublishing material that you need secured from theft or illegal access.

How e-Easy is it?

1. With ePageWiz 3 - all in one software you can either

a. Convert a PDF through the automated PDF import function
b. Create a document from scratch
c. Or both

2. Once your document is created you can secure it by simply pressing the Package EPP DRM Button (which wraps your ePublication with ePageWiz DRM) and following the step by step wizard.

3. Your Document is now secured and ready for distribution.

How do I sell or Securely distribute my ePage Wiz ePublications?

You can opt to sell your ePageWiz ePublication through the internal shopping cart powered by ePageWiz DRM


Sell it through your own shopping cart, Pay Pal or other shopping solutions


Issue activation keys (powered by ePageWiz DRM) to people you wish to allow to view your ePublications.

Your ePublication can be locked down to a single device or multiple devices – this is totally your choice.

ePageWiz DRM

View publications
secured with
ePageWiz DRM

Create you own Distribution Network
Set up account SET UP ACCOUNT

1. eCommerce Account

DNAML manages your eBook sales through the ePageWiz DRM in-book eCommerce solution and provides you with real time reporting of such sales


2. Activation Key Account

You can pre purchase Activation Keys, and sell these to your customers through your own payment solution, such as PayPal. All activations are tracked and reported in real time


3. Both eCommerce and Activation Key Account

Set up your ePageWiz DRM Account free today

Create your own ePageWiz eBooks and eMagazines inhouse using ePageWiz Secure Edition software.


Outsource your eBook production or conversion to third party developers such as Amnet.


We can arrange your volume production or conversion.
Click here for enquiries.


Secure your ePageWiz eBooks and eMagazines with ePageWiz DRM from within ePageWiz Secure Edition eBook creation software and manage it from within the ePageWiz DRM backoffice administration platform.

1. Integrated eCommerce
With ePageWiz DRM Integrated eCommerce Solution we manage the transaction process on behalf of you

Customers can purchase your eBooks from within your eBook using the in-book ePageWiz DRM eCommerce/Transaction/Payment Solution


2. ePageWiz DRM Activation Keys
Sell your eBooks using your own payment gateway/eCommerce solution or utilize a 3rd party payment solution such as PayPal or Google Shop.

Once you have received payment you can simply send a pre-purchased ePageWiz DRM Activation Key together with a download link to your eBook to your customer.

Your customer is then able to download the eBook and insert the Activation Key into the ePageWiz DRM Activation Wizard with the ePageWiz eBook.


3. USB Activation

Sell your eBooks on a USB drive which contains either pre-Activated ePageWiz eBooks or ePageWiz eBooks which need to be activated using either Integrated eCommerce or Activation Key system, as above.


Manage your payment gateway sales, your activation keys and your ePageWiz DRM USB Activations with our real time reporting online ePageWiz DRM backoffice administration system.

Sell your ePageWiz eBooks and eMagazines from

  • your web site
  • reseller web sites
  • other web sites
  • eBook.com and the DNAML
    Distribution Network


Secure your ePageWiz eBooks and eMagazines with ePageWiz DRM and distribute them through the ePageWiz DRM Reseller Platform.

You can enable resellers to promote and sell your eBooks, and negotiate commissions with them through the ePageWiz DRM reseller platform (click here to learn more about the ePageWiz DRM reseller platform).

All sales are tracked in real time, and reports of sales to resellers, publishers and authors is also provided in real time.

Commissions are paid directly to resellers.
ePageWiz DRM Features Include :
  • Real Time Reporting of sales and ePageWiz DRM key activations
  • Bullet Proof DRM – The world’s leading tried and tested secure eBook DRM system
  • ePageWiz DRM payment gateway - Sell your ePageWiz eBooks from within the ePageWiz eBook using the integrated ePageWiz DRM eCommerce solution (an in-book shopping cart)
  • An easy to use backoffice administration platform that allows you to manage sales, activations and distribution
  • Key Activation allowing keys to be sold through any payment gateway including Pay Pal, Google Checkout, Click bank or your own
  • Change the price of your eBooks in Real-Time
  • Sell your ePageWiz eBooks in multiple currencies - USD, GBP, AUD and EURO
  • Set a fixed price for each currency or utilize the ePageWiz DRM floating currency exchange rate (select the primary currency and all other currencies are adjusted according to FOREX exchange rates)
  • Create your own customizable welcome screen - you can change the welcome screen in real time
  • Allow your eBook to be installed on 1 to 5 devices. You choose the number of devices that your eBook can be installed on. We will do the rest and protect your eBook against illegal distribution.
  • NEW ! ePageWiz eBooks can be locked to USB or Flash Drives
  • NEW ! Lead generator – Create your very own double opt-in mailing lists by giving an eBook away for free in exchange for a subscription to you mailing list
  • NEW ! ePageWiz DRM Reseller Platform tracks reseller or affiliate sales in real time
  • NEW ! Negotiate distribution percentages and fees in real time from with the ePageWiz DRM Reseller backoffice
Soon to be released
  • Discount coupons – percentage or dollar discounts (available mid 2010)

ePageWiz DRM Fees

There are two ways you can sell your eBooks using ePageWiz DRM:

1. Integrated Ecommerce
- Sell your eBooks from within your eBook through the integrated ePageWiz DRM shopping cart inside your eBook

15% per transaction plus US$ 0.50 per transaction
Includes :

_Auto activation key insert
_Credit card processing fees
_ePageWiz DRM back office management console
_No monthly fees
_No set up fees


2. ePageWiz DRM Activation Keys
- sell your ePageWiz DRM protected eBooks through your own payment solution by issuing Activation Keys


3. USB Activation
To have your eBooks pre-Activated on a USB drive which you can then sell you give to your customers, please contact us


50 Keys / month 10.00 0.20 No No 60.00
100 Keys / month 20.00 0.20 No No 120.00
500 Keys / month 50.00 0.10 x 1 x 1 300.00
1,000 Keys / month 80.00 0.08 x 1 x 1 480.00
5,000 Keys / month 200.00 0.04 x 2 x 2 1,200.00
10,000 Keys / month 300.00 0.03 x 2 x 2 1,800.00


50 Keys / month 10.00 0.20 No No 120.00
100 Keys / month 20.00 0.20 No No 240.00
500 Keys / month 50.00 0.10 x 1 x 1 600.00
1,000 Keys / month 80.00 0.08 x 1 x 1 960.00
5,000 Keys / month 200.00 0.04 x 2 x 2 2,400.00
10,000 Keys / month 300.00 0.03 x 3 x 3 3,600.00

Quantity USD (per Activation Key)
5 ~ 19 keys 2.00
20 ~ 49 keys 1.80
50 ~ 99 keys 1.50
100 ~ 299 keys 1.30
300 ~ 500 keys 1.20
500+ 1.10 For purchases over 1000 keys you will need to contact support
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